How to start?

Website Company-Name is quite clear and intuitive. We tried to do everything possible so that you will not have problems when using it. There are a few steps separating you from profits!
  • Register account

    Register an account to start earning Company-Name, send a Deposit and get a daily basis. Just fill out the short registration form. We are not asking you to send documents or share his real name. Our cooperation is completely anonymous. If you need to register another account, do not hesitate, but do not use your affiliate link when you register.

  • Create Deposit

    To make a Deposit you must log in your personal account. Do this after you register and use the Deposit in your account. If you want to make a Deposit via Bitcoin, or Ethereum, you need to create a address Bitcoin or Ethereum, which you will need to send a payment from your personal wallet of BTC / ETH.

  • Get profit

    Get a daily profit every 24 hours after adding the Deposit. If you have two or more deposits (in fact, they can be a lot), just remember that each of them has its own payment term.

  • Print tools

    After you have collected a certain amount on your account balance, you can request a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is just £ 1.00. All requests for withdrawals are processed in direct mode. You can shoot as many times a day as you need, we have no restrictions on this issue.